One Floyd | About the Show...
From The Dark Side Of The Moon, The Wall and more...


One Floyd is a one man show combining a fully authentic projection screen alongside live performance and perfectly syncronised lights and lasers.
It is a completely immersively visual Pink Floyd experience.
The aim is to bring a small slice of the Pink Floyd experience to smaller venues such as clubs and town halls.
All of the backing tracks, light programming, video projection footage work, custom animations, rigging, lighting etc, is worked out and planned in advance to provide a fully syncronised show. 

One Floyd - The Show  | Song list and Information

This show includes a full performance of Pink Floyds 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' album, selected tracks from 'The Wall' and selected tracks from 'Wish You Were Here'.

Behind The Scenes / People Who Need Thanking.
One Floyd may just be myself up on stage, but there are a lot of people who have helped me get this show off the ground. 

One Floyd Roadcrew, Assistants, Tech support
The One Floyd 'Roadcrew' is ever increasing, and without these guys, the lighting, PA, and screen would take even longer to set up..

Patrick Grimwood, John Barrington, Alex Knowles, Stuart Walsh (for projection advice, show direction and lots of tips!), Jame Pring (Promoter for Linkfest), Karen Warbis (aka.. miss, titanium arms X)

As gig's continue to roll in for the One Floyd shows, any help I receive will get a name on the website. Thank you!

Photographers, Videographers

Mark Ridgwell (Welcome to the fold Mark an Ace Photographer)
Toni Beeson (that feminine touch for photography... Class)
Phil Ridgewell (of Livebandphotos)
Zulqar Cheema (video work/extra phtography/humour)

Where possible a credit is given on the photos taken by these people. Should there be any confusion, or a claimant on this then get in touch. These are all excellent photographers so go check out their work!

Graphical Artwork Contributors
Julian Kenning (Wall artwork and 'Mother' artwork)